Testing and Engineering

Lifezone offers testing of concentrates at batch and pilot scale and engineering services for scoping and feasibility studies and design packages.

A typical test and design programme consists of:

  • Batch testing to confirm amenability to the process, demonstrate metal recoveries and estimate reagent consumptions, produce data for process simulation. Requires minimum of 1 kg concentrate, with 5 – 10 kg preferred so that we can fine tune process conditions if required.
  • Simulation of the process chemistry, mass and energy balance and reagent consumptions.
  • Scoping study level engineering design to generate process flow diagrams, mass balance, preliminary capital and operating costs.
  • Pilot testing of process to confirm operating conditions, metal recoveries and equipment selection. Requires 2,000 kg of sample.
  • Definitive design and costing.
  • Preparation of engineering package for construction.
  • Contact us for more details if you have a sample that requires testing.