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Mining Weekly - 26/03/2015

The target date is the end of this year for the decision to go ahead with the commercial implementation of a paradigm shift technology that will mine and refine platinum in an integrated on-site process and use only a tenth of the electricity normally consumed.

The New Age - 30/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation(IDC) to invest R3.2b in a new platinum venture, Pallinghurst with an independent platinum processing facility open to third-parties give junior platinum miners an alternative to Anglo America Platinum and Impala Platinum smelters.

The Citizen Online - 29/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation(IDC) is investing R3.24b in a new platinum group metals (PMG) joint venture which has the potential to create some 9,000 direct and permanent jobs. The NewCo will explore opportunities in processing.

Miningmx - 30/03/2012

NewCo’s Platmin in healthy state. The company hopes to be a Top-4 producer with-in four to five year targeting over One million tons per annum.

Beeld - 30/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) will invest R3.24 billion in a new group that will be "big new power" within a few years. This investment, like its 2004 platinum creation, Incwala Resources, is again in partnership with Pallinghurst Resources of the mining Mr. Gilbertson. The IDC wants to transform the sector as a whole  through the new group, by setting up a large independent plant of platinum group metals (PGM). It will offer other junior plainti producers an alternative to Anglo's smelters.

Business Day - 30/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) will invest R3.4 billion into Pallinghurst platinum mine as a "strategic venture". Pallinghurst has set some aggressive goals and plans to be producing 1.1 million ounces of platinum group metals by 2017.

Business Report - 30/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) chief executive Geoffrey Qhena announces a platinum mining beneficiation project with Pallinghurst and the Bakgatla yesterday.

Mail & Guardian - 30/03/2012

New platinum mine aims for energy efficacy. Them mine hopes to make use of the"Kell Process" that use only a fifth of the energy used in conventional platinum group metals (PMG) smelting, significantly reducing the cost of the processing  process.

Mining Weekly - 30/03/2012

South Africa's sate owned Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has made its biggest investment in five years - R3.24 billion in Platmin's comeback as an integrated mining and beneficiation NewCo.

Moneyweb - 30/03/2012

The creation of a R23 Billion platinum mining group to rank fourth in the world. With Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) investment it makes it possible to complete the funding with is needed to complete the entire regional optimised mine, and create 9,000 jobs.

SABC 2 NUuS - 29/03/2012

The Bakgatla bagaKgafela tribe in North West is South Africa's newest platinum producer. The tribe, an investment company Pallinghurst Resources and the Industrial Development Corporation invests about R3.2 million in the business. The new company NewCo consists of platinum projects from Pallinghurst and the Bakgatla bagaKgafela tribe and includes the platinum plant in Pilanesberg. The tribe has a 27% shareholding against Pallinghurst's 42% The company estimates that it will produce 1.1 million ounces of platinum within five years. The project is expected to create 9,000 jobs for the Bakgatla tribe.

SABC 1 News - 29/03/2012

The dream that has been a major concern for Kgoshi Pilane of Bakgatla bagaKgafela tribe of improving the lives of his community has come true. The three hundred and fifty thousand tribe has signed an agreement with Pallinghurst Resources. The Industrial Development Corporation has invested R3.2 billion in new platinum venture.

Radio 702 - 29/03/2012

A major new investment by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) In new platinum venture the IDC will put 420 million US dollars into a new platinum venture involving Pallinghurst Resources and the Bakgatla tribe. The venture which is targeting 1.1 million ounces of platinum a year is also aiming for a stock exchange listing within the next 12 months. It will construct an independent platinum precessing facility that will be opened to third parties offering Junior platinum miners altematives to the Anglo Platinum and Impala Platinum smelters.

CNBC Africa - 29/03/2012

South Africa's Industrial Development Corporation will invest 420 million dollars in a new platinum venture in partnership with Pallinghurst, Ame Frandsen who is the ceo of Pallinghurst said that the venture, which is targeting production of 1.1 m on ounces a year within 5 years will also aim for a stock listing within the next 12 months. The venture will construct an independent platinum processing facilityhat will be opened to third parties offering junior platinum miners alternatives to the Anglo American Platinum and impala Platinum smelters. The IDc said that the venture would create around 9,000 jobs.

Classic FM 102.7 - 29/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is to invest in the development of a new R23.2 billion platinum mine near Pilanesberg in the North West Province, This will bring together assets owned by Brian Gilbertson's Pallinghurst and the Bakgatla community. The IDC will invest R334 billion in the venture and will receive a 16% stake. The partners plan to move into beneficiation and of a platinum refinery, eventually targeting production of 1.1 million ounces by the year 2017.

Business live - 29/03/2012

The partnership involves the consolidation of platinum group metals (PGM) interests controlled and owned by Pallinghurst and the Bakgatla and will see the creation of a large, shallow and low-cost mining complex, with long life in excess of 30 years. The partners are also to form a joint venture to explore and fund opportunities for PGM beneficiation and processing. The entity will be an unhedged and debt-free producer, with a healthy balance sheet, including cash of US$500 million.

Business Report - 29/03/2012

Specialist natural resources investment company Pallinghurst Resources on Monday reported diluted headline earnings per share of US 24 cents for the year ended December 2010 from 20 cents a year ago. Its profit from operations grew to $157.9 million from $61.5 million, while its net profit was up 86% to $116.0 million. The company's Investment valuations increased by almost US$200 million, net of cash additions.

Dow Jones Online - 29/03/2012

A consortium led by South Africa-listed Pallinghurst Resources Ltd. (PGL. JO) announced Thursday the creation of a new South African platinum producer that is set to become a top-four global producer in four to five years. 

Pallinghurst and its partners will also create a joint venture with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to explore, and ultimately fund, opportunities in PGM beneficiation and processing.

Business Live Online - 29/03/2012

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC's) equity investment will allow NewCo to remain debt-free with a strong balance sheet, thereby providing financial security to execute our unique growth opportunities. Our beneficiation partnership with the IDC has the potential to transform the PGM smelting industry and to provide third party juniors access to cost-efficient concentrate processing.